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Constitutional Amendment up for debate

In light of the recent stability and civility in the United States a new bill is being introduced in the Senate, this bill is also being worked on by members of the House of Representatives so that it may pass quickly once the Senate passes the legislation.

The bill is suggesting a new minimum age to run for President of 69 years old, there is no limit on age for when someone can run for President and this legislation re-iterates that.

“The minimum age for a candidate to run for the Office of President of the United States will be 69 years and 0 months old. There will be no limit on age for any candidate for the Office of President of the United States” That is the bill, it is the most straight forward bill in the history of the United States Congress, the reason given is so that the President can understand it. “If the bill were any longer there would need to be a nap and we wanted to get this legislation passed quickly” said Nancy Pelosi as she left to go take her last afternoon nap.

“We support this legislation fully as a party and we expect a quick vote after late brunch on Tuesday” said Mitch McConnell who was also going to take his late afternoon nap. We were able to speak to both of them because they were both on their way to the napping wing of Congress.