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Democrat Governor goes to the bathroom as Covid cases rise

In 2022 Governor Janice Smith drank too much water, but Covid cases were surging in her state and she decided to do the cowardly thing and go to the bathroom.

We asked on the street just outside of the Capital Building, What do you think about the Governor taking a bathroom break while people in here state die of Covid?

Steven Gates answered “I think its a shame, she can go to the bathroom anytime and were out here suffering! The last time she laslo lsong oeyn” We apologize for that last sentence we couldn’t make out what he was saying because he was eating a churro, obviously eating himself to death due to the chaos.

A mother of 3 Jasmine Tarantino answered “Hey Jimmy get back here! I told you to stay here while I was answering this beautiful man’s questions! I’m sorry what was your question?”

We then found a pair of police officers and asked them the same question “We expect our officials to serve the community, its really hard to do that from the bathroom. I should know Dwayne over here was going to the bathroom when we got a call that a bank right behind us was being robbed, I turned around and got shot twice in the vest! Thanks Dwayne” Then Dwayne responded “Dude, seriously I just started and I opened the door with my pants down to shoot back!” “Whatever”, said the other officer.

As you can see, all of our research shows that a Governor that lacks the discipline to hold in her urine is not fit to lead. Citizen after citizen answered questions and…well you read it.