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Horse in NYC unsure whether or not to wear a mask

Cleidus, a 14 year old male horse in NYC, recently was transferred to a stable in the Manhattan area and is unsure whether or not he needs to wear a mask, when asked about the confusion he stated.

“I asked about the law, because I can’t read and don’t have a phone because, you know, hooves, and I keep hearing that New York is progressive and has a mask mandate so I thought ‘Do they consider animals people?’. Its a possibility so every time I go out on a ride with my owner I am terrified that if I run into a police officer they will ticket or arrest me for not wearing a mask!”

The confusion for animals in New York is real because of all the turmoil lately, after being asked why he is so hesitant to go on walks he continued.

“They are arresting 5 year olds now! So if they are going to arrest a kid they aren’t going to hesitate to arrest a horse. Those mounted police horses are tough and I don’t want them to do anything crazy to me. I already wear a bit in my mouth and I am wondering is this enough? If not where can I get a horse mask! I have no idea! I asked the pigeon to look on Amazon the other day and they only had small and large masks, no horse masks!”

Cleidus offered evidence that he could be considered a person.

“In Daphne vs New York a poodle was able to get the inheritance of a woman who died, so they consider her a person, so why not a horse.”

We asked a New York city police officer about the status of horses and wearing masks in New York and Officer Peterson replied “We have horses in New York?” Then they promptly arrested a 9 year old and had to end the interview.

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