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Road safety improved by recent bill

Cities all across the world are following the example of Newark, New Jersey where they passed a law that decreased fatalities, road rage incidents, and speeders. The bill called NJ 220958 called for a ban of all BMW’s and their drivers from the roads of New Jersey, and in the following year vehicle fatalities dropped by 7%, road rage incidents called into police dropped 44% and speeding tickets were reduced 30%

“We knew this was a public good but we took a chance banning an whole subset of drivers based on their vehicle choice but we are glad it paid off” said Janice Dayton who helped pass the bill into law. The bipartisan bill passed unanimously even as over a quarter of legislators themselves drove BMW’s.

“This was the time to step up and do something for the people and put ourselves and personal opinions aside, besides I’ll just rent a limo so I’ll still look cool” said Stephen Carmichael. Stephen used to drive a blue BMW 7 Series and was also instrumental in passing of this bill. Originally Janice said to only bad blue BMW’s but it was actually Stephen that said to ban all BMW’s.

“It really came down to understanding these people and it was clear that they all needed to go. I finally had to admit that it was time to pass this legislation, which had failed 3 times before, but when another blue BMW driver cut off MY blue BMW I knew he had to go so I then voted for the legislation”

This landmark legislation has sparked a new debate in public safety, while 13 cities have already passed the “No BMW” law there is similar legislation in other cities looking to bad drivers of large trucks, diesel spewing trucks and old people.

“We don’t know where this legislation trend is going to lead but it will make it easier to drive.” said Julie Hemmings, an expert in public safety. “None of this is likely Constitutional but I enjoy my commute more”.