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Trump and Biden meet to discuss being the oldest Presidents

President Biden and President Trump met at Mar-A-Lago last week to discuss how it is being the oldest Presidents of the United States. If you are wondering why President Biden would go to Mar-A-Lago, everyone told him it was a Waffle House.

“I would like to thank you for accepting my invitation to meet President Brandon” said Trump as he met Biden at the front door.

“Can we get menu’s?” Biden asked the Secret Service… “Sir we already ordered for you”

Trump went on to ask Biden how it was being the oldest President and Biden replied “Huh?”

As the hour went on, both men need naps at this time of day, but they went on to talk about how they both wish the White House had more hand rails and that the phone had a louder setting.

For the first meeting between these two it went over well, things were cordial until Donald said this to the camera at the end of their time together.

“This man is great, so great and its great he could make it today, he said some great things about me and this man is great too. He’s a great President, probably the best President of all time…shit…” The day ended after that.

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